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February 15, 2013

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Why does Swiftpage want to buy ACT!?
Swiftpage has partnered with Sage for years, and knows these products and customers well. With access to new technology and resources, Swiftpage can deliver even more innovative, and integrated, products and services that help businesses convert prospects, retain customers and grow.

Who is Swiftpage?
Swiftpage has long been a partner with Sage ACT! in providing Sage E-marketing services, with the email marketing, social media marketing and contact management solutions that help businesses grow. This acquisition gives us direct access to the technology and talent to continue to answer the needs of all businesses.

Who is Accel-KKR?
Accel-KKR is a technology-focused private equity investment firm with approximately $2.3 billion in assets under management. They invested in Swiftpage based on our demonstrated track record as an innovative, product-focused company.

What is Swiftpage’s strategy for this business?
Once the acquisition is final, Swiftpage will continue to manage and support Sage ACT! "business as usual". The acquisition of this business includes the talented ACT! team, who is ready to help Swiftpage leverage the best of all products to deliver even more innovative, and integrated, solutions.

What does this sale mean for us?
It will be "business as usual," as both Sage's and Swiftpage's goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible for customers. Current customer contracts will be assumed by Swiftpage at completion of sale. Implementation projects in process will continue as scheduled. At the same time, the Sage and Swiftpage support organizations will stay focused on resolving customer issues.

When will this deal be finalized?
This is dependent on regulatory approvals and process, but the process could take several weeks until the deal closes. Sage will retain ownership throughout this period and will work with Swiftpage to ensure this is handled as smoothly and professionally as possible for our people, customers and partners. Swiftpage will assume ownership once the sale is closed.

Where do customers go for support?
During the transition period, nothing changes. If any contact details do change, we will let you know right away.

Will our contracts/pricing be affected?
No. Sage will continue to honor the terms and conditions of its existing contracts.

What if I have a package including Sage ACT!?
Package customers will be supported by either Sage, or after completion of the transaction, Swiftpage will contact customers to talk through options at your next renewal.

How will this sale affect current implementations/my implementation?
It should have no impact on any current implementations.

Will I be talking to the same people who currently look after Sage ACT!?
The Sage ACT! team will be there to answer your questions. They’re an important part of the acquisition of this business.

Will the opening times change as a result of this sale?
No, the opening times will not change.

Will the product development plans for ACT! change?
With access to technology and additional resources, we'll be able to enhance and expand our products and services even more. We expect to maintain course with the existing roadmap and will look to our customers and partners to guide us on future developments.

Are any of Sage ACT!'s connected services changing?
Sage ACT!'s connected services (Sage Emarketing for ACT!, Sage ACT! Connect, Sage Business Information Services for ACT!) will remain the same for now.

If your question isn’t covered here, or you would like to speak to a member of the Swiftpage team to discuss this further, please call us on the following numbers:

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877-228-8377, then select option 2