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PDFHow to Use Swiftpage for Sage SalesLogix

Basics and installation instructions along with how to create, send and track your email templates. Also features accessing Call Lists, Reports, Scores, Drip Marketing and more within SalesLogix.

General Swiftpage for SalesLogix

PDFDownload Swiftpage for Sage SalesLogix

PDFSwiftpage for SalesLogix Help

PDFThe Guide: Swiftpage for SalesLogix

PDFUsing the Swiftpage Connect Portal

PDFGuide to Compliance

Account Management

PDFManaging Your Account Service Level

PDFManage Users

PDFMapping Mail Merge Fields

PDFChanging Your Email Send Limit

PDFHow to Add a New User

PDFGuide to Swiftpage Connect

Download & Installation

PDFSetup Guide - ReadMe

PDFSwiftpage Plugin - Install Guide

PDFSwiftpage Plugin - Tech Document

PDFSwiftpage Manager - Install Guide

PDFSwiftpage Manager - Tech Document

PDFUninstalling Swiftpage for SalesLogix

PDFHow to Set Up Swiftpage

Swiftpage Editor

PDFUnderstanding the Basic Editor

PDFUnderstanding the Advanced Editor

PDFSwiftpage Recommended Image Program

PDFImported Template Options

Template Manager

PDFTemplate Manager Help

PDFGlobal Templates

PDFLocal Templates

PDFImporting a Template

PDFImporting a Template

PDFPublish Templates

PDFDistribute Templates

PDFLanding Pages

Basic Editor

PDFSurvey Background Pages

PDFText Editor Features

PDFSaving Basic Templates

PDFThe First Step to Your First Email

PDFHow to Create an Email Template

PDFGeneral Images

PDFHeader Images

PDFEditor Tables

PDFMail Merge Options

PDFLinking Images to the Web

PDFLinking Text to the Web

PDFAnchor Linking

PDFPDF Linked to Images

PDFPDF Linked to Text

PDFSwiftpage Recommended Image Program

PDFReply Email Addresses Within the Email

Advanced Editor

PDFDesigning HTML Emails for the Editor

PDFSaving Advanced Templates

PDFVerify Your Template

PDFGeneral Images

PDFMail Merges

PDFLinking Images to the Web

PDFLinking Text to the Web

PDFLinking PDF to Images

PDFLinking PDF to Text

PDFCreating a Reply Email Address

PDFSurvey Background Pages

Sending Email Blasts

PDFSend an Email Blast Now

PDFSchedule an Email Blast

PDFSend As Another User

PDFEmail New Query Groups

PDFSend an Email Blast

Reports and Results

PDFEmail Blast Summary

PDFAccessing Reports and Using Surveys

PDFViewing Email Results & Reports

PDFViewing Supressed Data

PDFViewing and Editing Call Lists Online

PDFAssigning Call Lists

Surveys and Webforms

PDFSurvey Data Back into SalesLogix

PDFView the Survey Data in SalesLogix

PDFUse the Survey Data in SalesLogix

PDFCreating Surveys

PDFList Builder and Updater


PDFSurvey Landing Pages

PDFSurvey Background Pages- Basic Editor

PDFSurvey Background Pages- Advanced Editor

PDFAdvanced Surveys

PDFLimited Surveys

PDFSurvey Feedback

PDFCreating a Short Survey Link

PDFAdvanced versus Limited Surveys

PDFAutoResponder - How it Works

PDFAutoResponder - How to Set Up Your Own

PDFCreating and Using Surveys

Call List and Scores

PDFScores Menu Basics

PDFGet Scores

PDFSwiftpage Call List

PDFCall List - Assign Call Lists

PDFCall List - View Assignments

PDFCall List - Manage Tags

PDFQuery: Scores Overview

PDFQuery: Create a Call List

PDFIndividual Contact Scoring

PDFSwiftpage Scores Menu Basics

PDFCreating a Call List

PDFAssigning a Call List

PDFViewing and Editing Call Lists Online

Swiftpage Legacy Editor

PDFText Editor Features

PDFThe First Step to Your First Email

PDFImporting Templates

PDFImported Template Options

PDFShare Templates with Different Accounts

PDFShare Templates within Your Account

PDFGeneral Images

PDFHeader Images

PDFEditor Tables

PDFMail Merge Options

PDFLinking Images to the Web

PDFLinking Text to the Web

PDFAnchor Linking

PDFPDF Linked to Images

PDFPDF Linked to Text

PDFDesigning HTML Emails for the Editor

PDFSwiftpage Recommended Image Program

Drip Marketing - Building Your First Campaign

Drip Marketing for SalesLogix Overview

PDFDrip Marketing Checklist

Using the Campaign Sequence Manager

Creating Your First Campaign- Instructional

Creating Your First Campaign- Philosophical

Drip Marketing Blueprint

Understanding the Sequence Manager

Launching a Campaign

Suspend Your Campaign

Editing Campaign Sequences

How to Copy a Drip Marketing Sequence


Creating the Campaign

Launching the Campaign

Editing the Campaign

Copying the Campaign

The Campaign Manager

First Steps

Autoresponder - How it Works

Autoresponder - How to Set Up Your Own

Drip History

Drip Marketing - Types

PDFCreating an Anchor Date Campaign

PDFCreating a Calendar Sequence

PDFCreating a Duration Campaign Sequence

PDFDrip Marketing Autoloader

VideoAnchor Date Campaign Type

VideoCalendar Campaign Type

VideoDuration Campaign Type

Drip Marketing - Stages

PDFDrip Marketing - Email Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Call List Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Postcard Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Letter Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Fax Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Telemarketing Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Export Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Transfer Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Review Stage

PDFDrip Marketing - Reports

VideoDrip Marketing - Email Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Call List Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Postcard Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Letter Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Fax Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Telemarketing Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Export Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Transfer Stage

VideoDrip Marketing - Review Stage

Drip Marketing - Logic-Based Filters

Using Logic-Based Filtering with SalesLogix

What Stages Can Be Filtered?

Drip Marketing - Service Overviews

PDFFeatures of Silver Drip Marketing

PDFBenefits of Silver Drip Marketing

PDFFeatures of Gold Drip Marketing

PDFBenefits of Gold Drip Marketing

PDFFeatures of Platinum Drip Marketing

PDFBenefits of Platinum Drip Marketing

VideoFeatures of Silver Drip Marketing

VideoBenefits of Silver Drip Marketing

VideoFeatures of Gold Drip Marketing

VideoBenefits of Gold Drip Marketing

VideoFeatures of Platinum Drip Marketing

VideoBenefits of Platinum Drip Marketing