Swiftpage Partners and Customers

What businesses did Swiftpage acquire?

Sage's Act! and Saleslogix businesses. Act! is the premier contact management solution for small businesses and Saleslogix offers customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to established enterprises.

What are the advantages for me as an end user of Swiftpage Connect?

The Act! and Saleslogix products are great complements to Swiftpage’s own email marketing, social media marketing and contact management platform. We can now offer a full portfolio of integrated digital marketing and CRM solutions that help businesses of all sizes convert prospects, retain customers and grow for the long term.

Will Swiftpage Connect change?

We'll continue to provide you with a great E-marketing product experience along with unparalleled customer support. We will also continue to develop our product lines and enrich them with access to new technologies and new resources.

Will you continue to support me?

We will, to the same high standards we have pursued since we first started.

How will you make sure your products give me a great experience?

We have always been focused on providing an unparalleled customer experience. We will continue to listen to the market, and with more resources and direct access to more technology, we're confident we'll provide an even better experience for you.

Is Swiftpage now owned by a private equity firm?

We are excited to have two additional investors in our business. However Swiftpage owns over 50% of the company.

How are you different now?

We now have a portfolio of products which are tried and true, empowering millions of users to convert and retain customers and promote growth. We offer many entry points to our products, starting with our Swiftpage service for micro and small business, Act! for growing small businesses and Saleslogix for established enterprises. As a customer of any of our brands, you have access to our full suite of basic contact manager, advanced CRM and market-leading email and social marketing solutions, all of which put customers on a fast track for growth. We have built a platform that allows us to white label our solutions for expanded market penetration. And we have developed it in such a way that it can easily integrate with the leading technologies businesses may need.

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