Saleslogix Partners and Customers

Saleslogix is CRM without compromise, offering unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for a powerful CRM solution. With access to Swiftpage’s email and social media marketing tools, you can leverage the full suite of tools you need to accelerate growth.

Why did Swiftpage buy Saleslogix?

Swiftpage has partnered with Sage for years, and knows the Saleslogix products and customers well. The Saleslogix products are great complements to our own. What you’ll see with this acquisition is a renewed and re-energized commitment to the Saleslogix products, and even more innovative and integrated solutions in the future. You’ll also see a team that is experienced in and dedicated to enterprise business success. We bought the business because we believe we can service its customers well, and we couldn’t be more excited about getting started with you.

Who is Swiftpage?

Swiftpage is a global provider of digital marketing and CRM solutions. We’ve also been a long-term partner with Sage, providing email marketing and social media marketing solutions for Saleslogix customers that help their businesses grow. With the acquisition of Saleslogix, we can leverage its great technology and talent to continue to answer the needs of small businesses everywhere.

What does Swiftpage know about enterprise businesses?

We’re thrilled this acquisition comes with the very talented and experienced Saleslogix team. They’ll add expertise to our executive team, which is made up of individuals from all walks of life who have worked with, in, and led businesses of every size. Our collective experience lends itself well to bringing Saleslogix and their customers into our portfolio of products.

What is Swiftpage’s strategy for this business?

In the short term, we’re continuing to manage and support Saleslogix "business as usual". Our goal is to develop our marketing and CRM solutions to further help businesses convert leads, retain customers and grow. We are creating a pathway of growth through our portfolio of products. We’re also set to fully leverage the best of all products to deliver even more innovative, and integrated, solutions in the future.

What does this sale mean for me?

We’ve acquired the great Saleslogix talent and products you’re already used to, so in many ways it means "business as usual." For example, current customer contracts are to be assumed by Swiftpage and implementation projects are continuing as scheduled. Our support organization is focused on resolving customer issues. What’s different is you will see a renewed and re-energized commitment to the Saleslogix products. We’re excited to get going!

Will I be talking to the same people who looked after Saleslogix at Sage?

The same Saleslogix team is there to answer your questions. They’re an important part of and reason why we acquired this business.

Is Swiftpage now owned by a private equity firm?

We are excited to have two additional investors in our business. However Swiftpage owns over 50% of the company.

What happens with Third Party Products? (Localization, Go-To-Market, etc.)

We don’t foresee any changes, and will continue to work with our valued third party providers to deliver third party software. With access to new technology and resources, we aim to deliver even more innovative, and integrated, products and services.

Will the product development plans for Saleslogix change?

With access to technology and additional resources, we can now focus on enhancing and expanding our products and services even more. We are on the right trajectory to deliver great products and will be listening to the customer and partner communities to prioritize future development.

Will you continue to offer local support for customers outside the U.S.?

Swiftpage is a global organization, and with the acquisition an even stronger one. We will continue to offer local support for customers outside the U.S.

What makes Swiftpage different?

We now have a portfolio of products which are tried and true, empowering millions of users to convert and retain customers and promote growth. We offer many entry points to our products, starting with our Swiftpage service for micro and small business, Act! for growing small businesses and Saleslogix for established enterprises. As a customer of any of our brands, you have access to our full suite of basic contact manager, advanced CRM and market-leading email and social marketing solutions, all of which put customers on a fast track for growth. We have built a platform that allows us to white label our solutions for expanded market penetration. And we have developed it in such a way that it can easily integrate with the leading technologies businesses may need.

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